2013 Outreach Announcement


The Spirit of Giving is strong at SCAIPC

At the December membership meeting, the members of SCAIPC rose to the occasion and donated $2,160 for respite care support. SCAIPC members made donations and the Outreach Committee matched their generosity.

As a result, SCAIPC will be providing $2,160 in scholarship funds for families caring for a senior needing respite care. These funds are used to obtain quality respite services. Respite care provides temporary relief for caregivers, and has been shown to decrease caregiver stress and allows the senior to remain in their residence of choice.

Each week, it seems, another Charleston family awakens to the reality that a loved one – parent, spouse, sibling, friend – may be in need of additional support and care. The SCAIPC donation will provide a minimum of 62 hours of social respite care. The SCAIPC Outreach Committee looks forward to sharing the stories of the families we are helping at our next meeting!

Thank you, we are grateful.