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Dignified transportation for seniors 60+
Jim Ledbetter
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ITNCharlestonTridentâ„¢  -  Independent Transportation Network

The members of the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition support ITN Charleston Trident (Independent Transportation Network) as one of its major initiatives..

On October 24th, 2012, members of the Coalition decided to cover ALL of the rides for ITN as their DAY OF SERVICE. On that day, there were 35 rides provided for seniors and the visually impaired to medical appointments, hair appointments, social engagements, etc. and they were covered 100% by SCAIPC Volunteer Drivers!


Marianne Seabrook, Cindy Roddi and Betsy Hawkins

ITNCharlestonTrident delivered the 40,000th ride to the Lowcountry Senior Center.
Marianne Seabrook, Director of Leisure & Learning with Cindy Rossi, Volunteer Driver and Betsy Hawkins, Member Rider 

1000 Ride Celebration Picture Mr Gailard - croped 3-2007

Marianne Seabrook with Mr Gailard, member rider and Paul Franklin, Volunteer Driver in the 1000th ride.